I was volunteering in Luzanky



I spend one year in Lužánky in 2006 and I’m glad to say that I was their first EVS. It was an amazing time: I learned a lot about drama education and leisure time activities in general, I had the chance to familiarize with the other workers of the staff, I felt like I was part of a group, taking part to the meeting and becoming responsible for my tasks, I studied Czech language and learnt almost all the secrets of the Czech culture.
I’m sure that this experience help me to grow up and to define my future profession as project coordinator in the european project management in the educational sector. I’m now president of a social enterprise that is also accreditated as sending and coordinating organisation for the EVS. I hope a day I could host some volunteers from Czech Republic and to continue the collaboration with Lužánky.
Díky moc děcka!



During this whole year I worked with children and youth from two suburbs with a population of about 30.000. The clients came from different social backgrounds. I was helping at the organisation of big events, participating in creative background activities (promotion posters…), making workshops for children and I also realized my own film about EVS in Brno in the multimedia center Lavka.

At the beginning of the project my feeling was not very good, because I couldn’t speak with our clients and didn’t understand well what my tasks were supposed to be. For me the Czech language is very very different from my mother tongue, but our teacher explained me everything very well and with a lot of patience. I’m very happy in the end because I think that I now have a good level in this language which at the beginning I thought is impossible.

This experience I helped me a lot in my future life, because I learned a lot of different things from this culture and now my mind is very different from when I arrived here. The most important change in my person is that I won a lot of patience and I learned to find another point of view for the problems. The work that I made here can help me a lot in my future profession and I learned a lot about different forms of work.

I can only recommend this expereince, we are very lucky that we can have it. I think the most important aspect is for you to grow as a person and to get to know other cultures and forms of life.




When I started my European Voluntary Service in 2007 in Czech Republic, I just finished high school and had only little idea what to expect from my year as a volunteer abroad. It turned out to become an exciting, informative, funny, sometimes also exhausting year that I would never want to miss.
In Lužánky, my work was very various: I worked in a multicultural tearoom and in the kinder garden, I teached languages and assisted in field trips with handicapped children. As volunteers we also had the opportunity to realize own projects. So I organized a photography exhibition, a weekly English conversation club and volunteered in a documentary film festival, which takes part in Brno every year. For me, one of the best parts ofLužánky was, that we could try out so many new things: I learnt to play guitar, started climbing and did a belly dancing course during my time there.
EVS means a lot of fun-time, but not only – you will also meet challenges: Living in a different country, without your own language and culture, can be exhausting,but it’s also the chance to develop a lot. For me,EVS meant to become much more independent, tolerant and open to new things. I learned to work with people from different cultures and backgrounds and it helped me realize, where my interests lie. Besides, I didn’t just get to know Czech culture, but people from all over Europe by sharing a flat with international volunteers and taking part in EVS seminars where you meet volunteers from all kinds of countries. Some of the friendships I made I still keep today, along with many many memories of a great year in Brno.




I had a really good experience in the Czech republic. Being away from home for such a long time and taking a good look at the culture of another country. It makes you realize that things that seem “normal” to you, may not be so normal for people from another country. I made a lot of friends not only in the Czech republic, but also people outside of the Czech republic who were there for EVS as well.
I was working in a centre named Lyska, which is part of Luzanky in Brno. I helped around with the different groups of kids that came to this centre every day. We did theatre together, ceramics class, arts and crafts and other activities with all kinds of kids in different age groups. In the beginning I couldn’t speak Czech at all, but I learned quite fast because it was the only way to communicate with most of the kids. They were all very understanding about me having trouble speaking Czech and a lot of them had great fun to teach me all kinds of words and things.
Outside of “work” everything was very well arranged. I was living in an apartment with 2 other volunteers, we had a language course twice a week and we had enough money to buy food and take care of ourselves. They also took us to events and sights in and around the city and made sure we wouldn’t feel so lonely in the city of Brno. Personally I also attended a gym and skating class every week, which was a great way to meet new people.
All in all it was a very good experience for me and often I do encourage people to go on EVS somewhere!




EVS… It was worthy and nice experience, I could speak long and a lot of that 🙂 but main fact is that I had met new friends, new habits and different life styles of other people. Lužánky is like one big family consisted of very kind and creative people. As an EVS in this organization I was offered to choose some of creative courses… and I have choosed pottery.My ordinary work was in one sub-organization Legato. It was club for free time of youth. Every day I come there from 16:00 to 20:00 and care about club and assist youngsters with sport games or some courses.
In addition, I had the opportunityto travelall overthe Czech Republic.Also, big advantage was to proof my English and learned a bit of Czech language. Indeed, EVS is giving a lot of benefits. After this experience, I think every young man or girl are able to work better in own micro world, but also to be very open for different culture and different people from all over the world. I mean, for me, EVS was multinational group joined together young people different nationality but with one idea, how to build up a better life for all of us because all we are one – human beings.
So, I could suggest to everyone, if you are young and need worthy experience, fun, new friends and traveling… let’s become the EVS member. 🙂



Before arriving in the Czech Republic I was not expecting as much from the project as I finally gained. I did not expect that EVS will give me so much for just one year of voluntary service. I gained new friendships and made interesting experiences. Thanks to the life outside my home country and the great merit of the project I really changed my mind about some important matters. EVS gave me more confidence and self-esteem.
I strongly recommend EVS to other young people, because the project will give them not only knowledge of the featured points, but also teach them important things: be independent, to handle problem situations, find new friends, create your own sense of responsibility in voluntary work and to be part of a new social environment.
I have gained experience with the people in the Czech Republic and got insights into Czech culture and the cultures of other volunteers – Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Germany.

I am very satisfied with my EVS project in the Czech Republic in the leisure center Lužánky. The organization is perfect and at a high level. They take a lot of care of their volunteers. I hope that future volunteers will appreciate it and agree with my opinion.



From February 2009 I was working at Lužánky. I spent 8 months there till the end of September 2009 and worked mainly in two houses, which are called “Lata“ and „Lány“. I supported the work in the kindergarden and the daily life there. For me it was a very interesting part to get into contact with the children and also the teachers. We were playing, singing and doing some handicraft together. In the houses I also participated at some celebrations like „Čarodejnice“ and helped with the organisation and the implementation. I also supported the preparation of PR work for the Čajovna of Lány, meaning the development and design of posters. In three several camps I was like an Instructor and Assistant. In my service I started some own projects too.

In the Beginning of my EVS I started also a few English lessons, which 3 of my colleagues joined. Parallel to the work in this two houses I took part in one information week about other leisure centres in the Czech republic. In May I started to go for Youth in Action presentations in different cities with one colleague and I was speaking about my service and was open for the people and their questions about EVS. All the time during my EVS I could organise my weekly working plan by myself, so that I was also in the other branches of Lužanky and took part at a ceramics/mosaic course, was in the circus for the children in Legrando and the Workshop “NaBeton”.

All in all I learned many new skills got knowledge during my EVS. I also got to know more about many different people, countries and cultures and how it is to be alone in an other county without ones the family and friends. I learned to organise my working days and weeks by myself and planed some projects in a big organisation.

I learned the basic knowledge of the Czech language. I still need some more practice to speak it and understand it very well, but I will start to study at the university in Liberec.

For me it was nice to see different lifestyles and behaviours.





Being an EVS volunteer is a life changing experience. Without exaggeration I can state, that my one year in Lyska and in Brno contributed a lot to my current way of thinking. I have been working mostly with underprivileged kids at Lyska from 2009 till 2010. My main task was to lead a so-called club (KlubSka) for them, to offer different kind of activities and to give some alternative ways to spend their spare time, like drawing and ceramic workshops, street decorating events, juggling trainings or table game sessions. In the beginning of my service I was communicating mostly in English with everyone, but after a while I could make myself understood also in Czech. I estimated it as a huge achievement, because I could realize that language is only one part of the communication and the most important aspect is to express yourself anyhow. I have been also assisting in a drama project at Luzanky’s Forum Theatre performance, where I was working with Czech drama educators and different school classes. I got super support and trust from my colleagues, who were patient with me and gave me space to realize my own ideas. Some of them became my friends, so we spent our free time together. Another remarkable part of my stay was the company of the other EVS volunteers. We were living together, accomplishing theatre projects and local initiatives together, partying and chilling together. We got super close friends and we are still in contact. I could write a lot more but within a reasonable frame I can say that working in Luzanky, living in Brno, trying out EVS, stepping out of my comfort zone turned to be perfect decision and unforgettable adventure for me.



I worked in a club for youngsters where I was managing the bar. I also tried to lead one comic workshop but it didn´t work out at all. I cooperated in arts workshops and took care of the Cine Club, cooperating with the youngsters concerning the choice of movies. The main difficulty was the language, but all the colleagues of mine were helping and supporting me.

I learned a lot about Czech culture and countries here around and about stereotypes that European people have about my country. I can feel now how many countries are ignoring each other, especially when it comes to big problems like pollution or political corruption.

I also realized many things about me, I found out that I can live abroad without particular problems. I have good skills in problem solving, and I don’t suffer the distance from my home town. I still have to learn to be more flexible in front of people very different from me though. In future I plan to open a cultural association.

All in all however, my EVS project didn’t quite meet my expectations. I tought to learn more from my work. I’m in general satisfied with the tasks I had, but sometimes I was not able to find creative ways on how to spend time with the children that were there, because there were no planned activities in the club, so I wasn’t as successful as I would have liked to be.

I however generally think that EVS is a perfect experience for young people. My organization works good, but in the mid term training I found out that many organizations are not serious and not honest with EVS volunteers, so pay attention to have as much information as possible before to start this experience.









I have been working in the Leisure Time Centre Lány, where I assisted the pedagogues in providing youth club activities and events: playing with children, making workshops, helping in the concert for parents, painting decorations for events etc. I was also participating in a spring camp.

At the beginning everything was quite normal, but in January I had many misunderstandings and problems with my boss and her husband. I did a lot of work, but without much support and my boss was dissatisfied when I asked about help. For the last months of my project I asked to work somewhere else. It was in the main centre of Luzanky.

I think I now have good skills to speak with Czech people normally, from the beginning on I achieved good results in the Czech language and was able to stay with children (for some times), solve some problems and give advice to them. Now I know how to prepare events, how to try and find compromises, all aspects of social work. And I also improved my English.

The Czech Republic was my first experience to be abroad. And for me there were a lot of new and unusual things here. I can say that for a vegetarian person, the first days are a bit difficult as it’s hard to taste the national meals. But the main thing is that I met new friends- volunteers with whom we will meet in future as often as possible. The people here are very friendly and try to help, so the contact with Czech people was not a problem.

I will recommend EVS to others, because it’s a good chance to be a part of a new life, maybe also to decide what you want to do in future, meet new people, discover a new culture and lifestyle, improve your language skills and learn new things. But solve all question before arriving to avoid future problems.




When I got to do my European Voluntary Service in Lyska in Czech Republic I did not really know what I was expecting this year as a volunteer, but I discovered many things, especially things you can learn from children. I had finished my studies, and before starting many obligations and a steady job, I thought it was time to do something for others and try to add my two cents.

In the center many leisure activities are performed, not just for children but also for adults and seniors. Craft workshops, dance classes, zumba, music, cooking, games, trips to the forest, excursions to go to the mountains to ski, or just a place for people to meet, drink some tea and talk. It is a very fun experience, you learn a lot, both small and larger things, and although sometimes it is not easy because you’re away from home, away from friends and family, every part of this experience helps you to grow as people.

The colleagues who work there are wonderful people and always help in any way they can. The same accounts for the other volunteers, because we are like a family, not only the volunteers from Brno, but also from all of the Czech Republic, which we often met.

The experience to be there voluntarily in Czech Republic and especially in Brno is a great opportunity to experience another culture. The city offers a wide cultural offer, from exhibitions and concerts to many bars and restaurants The people are welcoming.

We are also surrounded by great cities to visit such as Vienna, Prague and Bratislava. And if what you like is the outdoor tourism it is fantastic because you can always go to the mountain, walk through the woods or doing water sports. Living in Brno is another way of understanding life, and I think there’s no better place to meet Czech people’s heart, Moravia.

In my opinion doing a European Voluntary Service is a great idea and a good opportunity to learn and grow as a person, and if you have the opportunity to do so in Luzanky you won’t very likely be sorry.



It was my best decision to send my application to Lužánky. Actually my boyfriend (who later became my volunteer mate) found the project, I just nodded and said „okay, why not?” I knew absolutely nothing about Brno or the Czech Republic. Okay, I’ve drunk Czech beer before and seen Czech movies (just because our high school teacher forced us to do so), but that’s all. I decided to go anyway.

I spent a whole year in Brno and I still think of that place as the „perfect city”, though its size and the amount of people on the streets (especially at the tram stops) scared me for the first time. I’m coming from a much smaller town, where I can get anywhere in about half an hour without public transportation and the streets are empty after 10pm.

But very soon I fell in love with Brno. This is the place where something is always going on and where people are extremely friendly, whether you get lost and try to find the way home or try to buy some impossible thing in the store for your handicraft workshop, asking them for help in poor Czech.

I loved to work with the kids in Lyska and Legato, also my colleagues were (and still are) the coolest guys I’ve ever met. Even when I missed my home or somehow lost my motivation, they were there to encouraged me in my work and stay.

I mainly helped in youth clubs, on workshops and public events organized for the local families. My favourite of all was the summer camp, two weeks in the country with a bunch of kids who never ever get tired. On every event or workshop (also in the camp) my usual task was to help in handicraft activities and my miniproject was a blog about all the ideas and techniques I learned during my EVS and practiced with the kids. It’s just so great to see how excited these little guys can be about creating something, and how proud are they when they get ready and see the result, their own little masterpieces.

Volunteering at Lužánky was one of the most influential experiences of my life. I have all these great memories of that time, which gives me energy unto this day. And I realized Czech Republic is much more than beer and some strange movies. (Though I’m really into those movies now.)

So guys, if you are thinking of going on EVS, Lužánky is truly the best choice for you.



I spent one year in klub Legato as part of my EVS. It was an experience which helped me to get out of my comfort zone. I was there assisting the kids with several handicraft projects, spanish conversation, participating in cultural events, and learning from Cirkus Legrando. The environment was open and welcoming, and full of opportunities to learn from and grow. The time I spent in Brno served me to broaden my goals and what I want to achieve in the future. Overall a great experience which has influenced me in my personal and professional life afterwards.



I did my EVS in Luzanky right after finishing high school. At that point in my life I was not sure what to do and in which direction I wanted to go. So I decided to spend a year volunteering in the Czech Republic, experience something completely different and try out new things. This turned out to be a very good decision. My workplace was Lávka, the multimedia center of Luzanky. As it was a very small place I only had a couple of colleagues, which made it quite easy for me to settle in and I felt very welcome there right from the beginning. My tasks were mainly to assist with the programs for schools offered at Lávka, for example by taking pictures and preparing them to be uploaded to the website afterwards. I also took part in the weekly meetings of the film group, helped with organizing small events, went to the summer camp…

Apart from my work at Lavká I participated in the Czech language course with the other volunteers, the weekly meetings with our coordinator and the trainings organized for all the EVS volunteers. Learning Czech of course was a challenge, but with the help from my colleagues and Czech friends it was not as impossible as I had expected. And so it turned out to be quite easy to settle into the „Czech life“and I felt at home in Brno pretty soon. With the other volunteers we went on many trips to explore the Czech Republic and with our Czech friends we enjoyed life in Brno. As the city has a very rich cultural offer there were always many things to do.

The year went by really fast and soon I had to decide what should come next. My work at Lávka turned out to be very helpful with that decision, as I had a lot of fun working with the film group and also learned some more about photography. So I finally decided to continue in that field with my studies at university. Looking back, my EVS in Luzanky was a year where I had a lot of fun, met many interesting people and made good friends, learned a new language and many other things – it was definitely the right decision.



I spent my voluntary service in Brno at Lužánky středisko volného času in the department Lyska. I can say my project was successful. I really enjoyed to work with children. I got full support from the colleagues, from my coordinator and from the children too. At the beginning it was hard to communicate with them, because I didn’t know Czech language, but the children were very helpful and tolerant with me. Through the activities I gained pedagogical skills and my language and communication skills got much better. I familiarized with the Czech culture and travelled around the region and the country.

I gained experience to work in a multicultural environment and in this environment I learned that individuality is very important. I became more tolerant because of this. I made new friends from different countries.

I would recommend EVS because people can learn things which they couldn’t in their own community. Additionally it’s a great chance to meet new people and break down stereotypes and prejudices. In Hungary young people are afraid to go abroad to gain some experience. EVS is a very good and organized way to go abroad, test yourself, gain experience and self-confidence because you get everything you need and you can focus on yourself.



Since October 2012 I was a volunteer in the project called TOGETHER which was carried out in Brno, with Luzanky as the Hosting organization. My personal project was in CDTA (Centre of Dance and Theatre Activities) where I was mainly supporting the activities which already existed. I was also involved in other weekly courses like a Djambe course and into some common activities with other EVS volunteers. Also I developed my own projects like an Italian cooking course, the „Theatre of the Oppressed“ and a project about the Palestine-Israel conflict. Finally in summer I was helping in the summer camp working with children. We volunteers also tried to find out some events attractive for young people where we could put the information about EVS itself as well as about the cultures we were from.

For me the beginning of the project was really difficult, especially because of the language. Czech language for me was and still is really a big obstacle and to be part of the group work without knowing it wasn’t possible. So from the beginning I wasn’t able to be useful and be involved in the normal activities.

The “turning point” was when I had a freely and open conversation with my colleagues, the consequence of that being a complete freedom to cooperate with my EVS coordinator and support her in other activities. From that moment I started to feel and be more useful. I found out how to become responsible and follow all the processes to build my own project. I learned new competences and capabilities.

After this year of EVS I feel more able and more capable to travel, get to know other people and another culture, even without knowing the language so much, because finally we were all supporting each other.


Federica Villa (Italy), EVS 2013/2014

EVS in Luzanky was a great, challenging experience. Being away, in a foreign country and with strangers, for months and months can look scaring, but also tremendously fascinating when you have the right motivation. When I was an EVSer, I used to repeat to the ones who asked me about it that “nothing is easy”, there. Though I totally enjoyed it and had a great time, in fact, EVS is not a holiday nor simply a gap year: being a volunteer is something you have to find and invent by yourself, in your own way, and the road won’t lack of difficulties at all. During my EVS, I had the opportunity to experiment different work fields with people of different ages and countries, in a stimulating international environment. Luzanky was a welcoming host association, while Brno is a young city where you can really feel home. The time I spent there helped me to better find out what my life goals and aspirations are, and this is something I’ll always be very grateful for.


Clémence Blin (France), EVS 2013/2014

Beatriz Nieto Ortiz (SPAIN), EVS 2013/2014




I was working in one of the branches of Luzanky that is called Lyska Leisure Centre. It is a place full of activities for children and adults, like handcrafts, different kind of dancing lessons, theater, music lessons, Circus for children and summer camps. They also have a Club for children where they can go to play games, make handicrafts or listen and dance to music.

My daily work was mainly in the Club and in the Circus. I was helping my colleagues with making handicrafts, playing different games and taking care of the children. We had to teach the children how to warm up and make the Circus activities as well. We also prepared 2 performances with the children to show it to their parents. I also was helping in Club Koniklecova, which is a little club inside a building were children with social problems were living. There we made also handicrafts and games with them.

Overall, this project overcame my expectations, the relation with my colleagues and co-volunteers was great as well as the tasks I performed. We did many funny activities and I think we showed the children how to play and make interesting things. All the people I met from my Host Organization were really nice with me and they always were helpful and kind. I think the success of my project was that I felt like a normal worker inside of the workplace with freedom to develop activities and offer new things but of course with responsibilities. In the last months I could even be alone with the children explaining them the activities and taking care of them.



Hello, my name is Paula Blumenschein, I’m from Dortmund (Germany) and I was
an EVS volunteer in Luzanky from Otober 2014 to September 2015.
During this year, I had the privilege to be part of the team of Studio
Lavka, the media branch of Luzanky. For thwelve months I was working in a
very open minded team of my two colleagues Mirek and Eva, who made my EVS
become an unforgettable experience.
After we had moved into a new buildung, joining Legato, my tasks were
mainly concerned with preparing the school programs Lavka is offering, as
well as numerous other activities for the public. Apart from that I was
also part of Lavka’s filming groups and in the summer time of several great
filming camps, during which I learned a lot about films and film direction.
Moreover, I was always welcome to contribute my own ideas and realize
them.Together with some of the other volunteers I organized events like a
German evening or an English conversation group in which we created our own
stop motion film as a final project.
In my free time, I very much enjoyed getting to know Czech culture in Brno.
Brno is a very vibrant student city, there are always some events going on,
so you will never get bored there. I for instance really enjoyed helping to
organize the documentary film festival about human rights in Brno, one of
my favourite events.
However, since travelling is very comfortable and cheap as well, we also
went on many trips, exploring the rest of the country together, there are
many interesting cultural events which are worth to experience yourself.
All in all I can only warmly advise you to go and become an EVS volunteer
in Lavka, you won’t regret it. And about the Czech language: Yes, it is hard, but you will get there





The year I spent in Brno (12 months from October 2014) marked a no way back line on my life.

My tasks were mainly to play with the kids that come to the open club legato and be support on their circus school. I had the possibility to learn quite a big bit of Czech language, as complicated as it is, still sounds terribly beautiful to me.

It wasn’t perfect, there weren’t many kids coming to the club during most of the year, but working together with other volunteer we managed to attract a few of them and enjoy our time playing Frisbee, dancing, or trying to understand what they try to tell us. 
I also learned a lot about Graphic design, making posters for special actions, video edition making a video report of the EVS experience as a whole, and had a wonderful group of girls, creators of an awesome stop motion movie in our English conversation meetings.
But the main impact has been the challenges of participating of such an awesome project, as the circus school group is, while being unable to be part of it 100%, more like watching from outside. This made me think a lot about insecurities, limitations and motivation, being the main booster to decide what I want to do with my time and energy and moving me to start long term projects even if the first steps are really small.

One can talk about the people met during the EVS, about the learning outcome, the new language and culture, but for most of the people I have talked about after finishing their projects, it is a change at all the levels on the way we look at our own life and past experiences, and therefore at who we are now.

Videos from Ana from her EVS





TADEJA RATAJ (SLOVENIA), EVS 2014/2015, hosted by forest kindergarten Šiška

I worked in forest kindergarten Šiška. It was a great experience to see how the Czech system of outdoor eduacation works. In Slovenia, where I come from, it doesn´t exist yet. I am really thankfull that Šiška gave me opportunity to be a part of them. Šiška is not just a kindergarten, it is a kind of community of pedagogues, parents, children and one volunter. These outdoor work/education/activities/events are something that is healty, sustainably, interesting and something that is a need of our society and modern human. I worked with children, organized some events, assisted with activities (working actions, celebrations), developed some gardening, helped in summer camps etc. I was fully involved in all Šiška activities.

Out of my Šiška project I hang out with volunteers from Brno and from another places around CZ. It was nice to travel with them, to share EVS experiences with them, to explore Czech Nature, towns … 

During the year I met a lot of Czech people. It was nice to get to know more about Czech Culture, I heared many personal stories and learned Chezch language. I am still not fluent in it, but it is important, that I can understand it and I can communicate.
I had opportunity to get to know and act puppet theatre, visited some theatre festival and had performance there. I explored Czech puppet theatre tradition. I met a teacher from Hradec Kralove and we are preparing new performances.  
The best thing of my year in Brno is that the project is over, but I am still in touch with some great people from Brno. I have some places to stay and it is one new city in this world where I will be coming back for a visit.


MATHIS BOUCHER (FRANCE), EVS 2014/2015, hosted by Alliance Francaise Brno





Volunteering in Lužánky has changed me. My previous Erasmus exchange in Prague was a mere prelude of the great life symphony that living in Czech Republic involves. These twelve months enabled me to go much deeper in the Czech culture, in all its elements, such as: a reasonable command of Czech language, traditions, history and ideosincracy. I consider that working in Lyska makes possible a direct contact with people of all kind (elders, youngsters, people belonging to minorities, impaireds) that put you in situations that will help the best of you to come out.

Besides managing the leisure time club, I have actively taken part in the organization of cultural events, lessons (artistic, cooking, and even my own course of Spanish language and culture) and camps. The work-enviroment is simply outstanding, reliable, comfortable and flexible.

Lužánky offers a wide range of possibilities to experiment and see which is your favorite field of action: circus, drama, sports, media… And Brno, the city itself, is extremely lively and vibrant, then the list of things of to do is never-ending: art in any of its forms, nature, language learning… I suggest to the future volunteers to try everything and push your limits, since this is a life-unique period from which every seconds should be squeezed to the maximum.

This volunteering has helped me to become much more organised, better communicator and team-player and able to reach my goals. Moreover, I bring with me the best friendships I could ever imagine.

I would repeat over and over doing my EVS in Lyska, Lužánky, Brno. Chcela bych děkujovat mockrát vám za prima zážitek. 🙂





I was EVS volunteer at Lužánky Labyrint – studio of drama education. With my whole life love for theatre, knowledge of Czech language and knowing already Brno this project seen good idea already from the start. My work at Labyrint included assist with drama clubs, help with different theatre festivals, summer camps, and educational program. It gave me a lot of new knowledge on the field of drama education and also inspired me for future work. Also the environment we were did, the group of volunteers, as organization Lužánky, so Brno and all Czech republic motivated me a lot to involve in a lot activities (from festivals, events, seminars, different projects), think and discuss about important life issues, enjoy everyday moments and get the most from the experience. It was incredible year here, full of new knowledge, good relationships and motivation for ahead.  



After 12 months here in Brno I can say that it has been a big improvement of my personal and professional skills and knowledges. In my workplace, studio Lávka, I was learning something every day. Thanks to the rest of situation, places, coincidences and people I have had an interesting experience. Is too early to get evaluation of this year, I need at least one year to evaluate this.