Volunteer’s guide
What can I expect? What is expected from me?
Before you go

And for you, what is EVS?


If you want to get known more, check this guide prepared by our ex-EVS Olga Batrakova



Always remember that EVS is a partnership. These expectations form the basis of that partnership.

You can expect…

  • to be treated with respect at all times
  • to receive learning opportunities as part of your stay, by working alongside your host in their everyday tasks
  • to have a regular contact with your coordinator

You are expected…

  • to negotiate with your host organization Lužánky, before you arrive, concerning the needs and expectations of both parties
  • to be genuinely interested in help and learn and sometimes be patient
  • to give the agreed hours of help and work conditions
  • to keep an open mind when meeting people from other cultures
  • to treat your host organization with respect at all times.
  • to tell if your experiences fall short of what should be expected



  • Read the basic information we provide on this website.
  • Read other guides and information about the country you are going to.
  • Ask Lužánky about former volunteers contact and ask them about their experience as EVS.

What to tell your host

  • What you’re interested in learning during your visit.
  • What are your needs.
  • If you have any disability or special need, disease…

What you should ask

  • What work will be going on at the time of your visit?
  • How many hours a day will your host expect? How many days a week?
  • What’s the rhythm of the day?
  • What’s the accommodation?

Once you’ve made arrangements with a host

  • Keep in regular contact with your host so they know you’re definitely coming.
  • Let your host know immediately if your plans change, even if it’s short notice.